Textline Number: 07860 058 823

Hours: Sun-Thurs: 6pm – midnight
Sat (in winter): 9pm – midnight

Our mission is to provide expert guidance and support, ensuring that no Jewish teenager is left to face any emotional challenge alone.

We see a near-future in which every Jewish teenager in the UK has the support available to prevent emotional difficulties becoming a crisis. We are at the heart of the Jewish community providing services for teenagers, parents, and teachers. We promote increased awareness and understanding of the issues affecting our young people, whilst at the same time providing expert emotional support when challenges do arise.

Jewish: treating every Jewish teen with the respect and the understanding they deserve.
Trustworthy: Always confidential and professional, we are a listening ear to be relied on.
Empowering: providing the next generation the emotional tools and confidence to be successful.
Empathetic: We don’t just listen. We connect to a teen’s situation with compassion and feeling.
Now: We are a frontline response team, preventing emotional challenges becoming a crisis.


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