User Agreement

Misuse of the service

Regular users

Because the service is not intended to be used as a replacement for regular therapy, our team will discourage regular users of the service and direct the user to a more appropriate service.

Test calls

These are contacts from a single client or group of people that are intentionally misusing the service, such as by making ‘prank texts’ to the service. In these circumstances we reserve the right to block the user/s.

Sexually inappropriate calls

If a caller is sexually inappropriate in the text, JTS will end the contact.

Abusive or aggressive calls

If a user is abusive or aggressive towards a member of the JTS support team, we will end the contact.

Under the influence

If the user is under the influence of alcohol or other substances and cannot engage with a member of the JTS support team then we reserve the right to end contact.

Safety concerns

If there is a safety concern we will encourage the client to reach out for emergency support. The intervention policy may also come into effect during these times.

If the user has suicidal thoughts, the JTS support team are trained so they can help people to work towards staying safe and should the need arise, pass their details on an appropriate service in order to help them to stay safe.

See our confidentiality policy for more information.